A Shot in the Dark

I want two dogs, two cats, a big kitchen and a welcome mat.

Euruaina/Joanne/Josie/various other user names is a college going, costuming building, German studying, art making, culturally inquisitive, book reading, movie going, fandom obsessed young woman from the pacific northwest.

I will rant/ramble/squee/update about the following:
- work
- college
- family
- friends
- weekend trips
- ongoing costume and art projects
- fandom, including:
- Star Trek
- Harry Potter
- Doctor Who
- Sherlock Holmes (BBC & RDJ versions)
- Merlin
- other random programing
- Patrick Wolf
- Johnny Weir
- Stéphane Lambiel

There will be times where I won't be posting very much at all, and there will be times when I'll be posting quite often. Most of what I write will be directed towards people who already know me, and as such I will not be giving (much) back-story on my life, the settings, or the characters who appear in it.
You've been warned - have fun! ^__^

The Shoebox Project is love.

The Shoebox Project *was* UST

medieval history is love
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drawing is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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